Top Ten Children Movies in 2017

I watch some disney musicals or comedy children movies and it is on topic on what I am doing (check out Top Ten Horror Movies in 2017). The top ten children movies in 2017 are: 10 is Lego Ninjago Movie, 9 is Nut Job 2, 8 is Smurfs the lost village, 7 is Fernand, 6 is Jumanji, 5 is Lego Batman Movie, 4 is Despicable Me 3, 3 is Coco, 2 is Cars 3, 1 is

13466999.jpg#1 is Beauty and the Beast!

I just watched Beauty and the Beast and Jumanji not to long ago comment your fav.


Top Ten Horror Movies in 2017

I have decided to do a bunch of movie genres for the new year. The top ten horror movies in 2017 are: 10 is Mother!, 9 is Jigsaw, 8 is Cult of Chucky, 7 is Alien: Covenant, 6 is Gerald’s Game, 5 is Happy Death Day, 4 is It comes at night, 3 is Annabelle: Creation, 2 is Get Out, and 1 is


It has one of my favorit(ha)e actors in it. Read the other top 2017.

Top Ten Smallest Countries

I think I will be going to the Caribbean for march break. I am really excited even though there is a long way to go till march break. The top ten smallest countries are: 10 is Malta, 9 is Maldives, 8 is Saint Kitts and Nevis, 7 is Marshall Islands, 6 is Liechtenstein, 5 is San Mario, 4 is Tuvalu, 3 is Nauru, 2 is Monaco,

Vatican-City.jpg#1 is Vatican!

I have been to vatican. To learn more about this go to 4aroundtheworld

Top Ten Disney Princess’s

I really like Disney also other people probably like it too so here I go. The top ten disney princess’s are: 10 is Rapunzel, 9 is Pocahontas, 8 is Mulan, 7 is Merida, 6 is Cinderella, 5 is Tiana, 4 is Jasmine, 3 is Elsa, 2 is Ariel,

belle.png#1 is Belle!!!

I really love Belle and Moana. Comment you’re favorite Disney Princess.

Top Ten Best Christmas Movies

I adore Christmas so much. The top ten best Christmas movies are: 10 is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, 9 is A Nightmare Before Christmas, 8 is A Christmas Story, 7 is The Apartment, 6 is Elf, 5 is The Muppets Christmas Carol, 4 is Miracle on 34th Street, 3 is A Christmas Carol, 2 is Scrooged,

download-4#1 is Home Alone!

I really love Christmas and all the movies that come with it.

Top Ten Most Used Apps

I do know the internet is getting bigger and bigger. So the top ten most used apps are: 10 is Pandora, 9 is Gmail, 8 is Google Play, 7 is Snapchat, 6 is Instagram, 5 is Google Maps, 4 is Google Search, 3 is Facebook Messenger, 2 is Youtube

download-3 #1 is Facebook.

I like Instagram more than Facebook. Also almost all the apps are social media and public.

Top Ten Favorite Stranger Things Characters

I am pretty much in love with Stranger Things so I have to do this post. The top ten favorite stranger things characters are: 10 is Will,  9 is Dr.Brenner, 8 is Jonathan, 7 is Nancy, 6 is Joyce, 5 is Lucas, 4 is Mike, 3 is Hopper, 2 is Eleven

download-1.jpg#1 is Dustin!

Dustin is my favorite too, then it is Will. Watch Stranger Things if you can.

Top Ten Biggest Tourist Traps

I have been going on vacation a lot since I was little. I know all about tourist traps. The top ten biggest tourist traps are: 10 is The Empire State Building, 9 is Venice Gondola Ride, 8 is Blarney Stone in Ireland, 7 is Nanjing Dong Lu in Shanghai, 6 is Central Tokyo, 5 is Winston Churchill’s Britain at War Experience, 4 is Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica, 3 is St.Marks Square in Venice, 2 is Tower of London, TS-TA-201001_NY_Times_Square_Sn_hetta_N58#1 is Times Square.

The only one there I have been to is Tower of London. Comment the one you have been to.

Top Ten T.V. Shows in 2017

I know it says it’s really April or something but it’s actually really close to new years, so this will be a good post. The top ten T.V. shows in 2017 are: 10 is The Deuce, 9 is Master of None, 8 is Legion, 7 is The Good Place, 6 is The Leftovers, 5 is The Hand Maids Tale, 4 is Big Little Lies, 3 is Twin Peaks, 2 is Game of Thrones,

download#1 is STRANGER THINGS

I adore Stranger Things but I finished it so I’m waiting for 2019 for Season 3 to come out. Comment your top show in 2017.

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