Top Ten Longest Reigning English Monarchs

I love History so I will be doing this blog on history. The top ten longest reigning English monarchs are: 10 is David II, 8 is Elizabeth I, 8 is Llywelyn, 7 is William I, 6 is Edward III, 5 is Henry III, 4 is James VI, 3 is George III, 2 is Victoria, and

images-2#1 is Queen Elizabeth II for 65 years, and 45 days.

It is neat how the monarch now is the oldest to.


Top Ten Longest Rivers in the World

I have been to a few rivers and I decided to do this blog. The top ten longest rivers in the world are: 10 is Niger River, 9 is Irtysh River, 8 is Lena River, 7 is Mekong, 6 is Congo River, 5 is Paraná River, 4 is Yellow River, 3 is Yangtze River, 2 is Nile, and

images #1 is Amazon River.

From this list, I have only been to the Mekong River, or at least the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.  I live really close to the Saint Lawrence River (#26).

Top Ten Pop Songs of All Time

I really love listening to music, so I am doing top pop songs of all time. The top ten most popular pop songs of all time are: 10 is Good Vibrations (by The Beach Boys), 9 is Stayin’ Alive (by Bee Gees), 8 is Hey Jude (by The Beatles),  7 is Night Fever (by Bee Gees), 6 is Baby One More Time (by Britney Spears), 5 is Like a Prayer (by Madonna), 4 is Call me Maybe (by Carly Rae Jepsen), 3 is Bohemiam Rhapsody (by Queen), 2 is Billie Jean (by Michel Jackson), and

images-2#1 is Rolling in the Deep (by Adele).

My favourite of these is Billie Jean. Comment your favourite one.

Top Ten Boy Names in 2017

So I did write about girl names so now I am doing boys. The top ten boy names so far in 2017 are: 10 is Logan, 9 is James, 8 is Aiden, 7 is Oliver, 6 is Lucas, 5 is Elijah, 4 is Ethan, 3 is Mason, 2 is Noah, and

images-1.png#1 is Liam!

There are the top ten boy names in 2017.

Top Ten 1999 Christmas Toys for Girls Aged 8-13

I asked a few friends on what I should do for this blog and one said to do this. The top ten toys 8-13 girls in 1999 wanted for christmas are: 10 is Tamagotchi, 9 is Butterfly Clips, 8 is Koosh Ball, 7 is Disney Princess Perfume Dolls, 6 is Pocket Locker, 5 is Barbie Power Wheels Corvette, 4 is Sky Dancers, 3 is Guess Who, 2 is My Size Barbie, and

images-1#1 is Mall Madness.

Mall Madness is interesting looking.

Top Ten Most Endangered Animals in the World

I went to the zoo today and there was a talk about endangered  animals. That is why I am writing about animals. The top ten most endangered animals in the world are: 10 is African Forest Turtle, 9 is Iberian Lynx, 8 is Axolotl, 7 is Spix’s Macaw, 6 is Javan Rhino, 5 is Siamese Crocodile, 4 is Brown Spider Monkey, 3 is Mexican Wolf, 2 is Baiji (a type of dolphin) and images#1 is Northern White Rhino.

There are one or two animals that I hadn’t heard of, like the Baiji. I hope we can save these endangered animals!

Top Ten Most Played Sports in Canada

I really like watching and playing sports so this is why I’m doing this list. The top ten most played sports in Canada are: 10 is Golf, 9 is Tennis, 8 is Curling, 7 is Cricket, 6 is Baseball, 5 is Lacrosse, 4 is Football, 3 is Soccer, 2 is Basketball and

images #1 is Hockey

I really enjoy watching hockey and I enjoy playing basketball.

Top Ten Girl Names in 2017

I  am a girl so I was interested in which girl names were popular for babies now.  Some of the names in the top ten are different than the names of my friends. The top ten most used names for baby girls in 2017 are: 10 is Charlotte, 9 is Zoe, 8 is Aria, 7 is Riley, 6 is Isabella, 5 is Mia, 4 is Ava, 3 is Olivia, 2 is Emma and

Sophia # 1 is Sophia!

Those are some nice names. My favourite is Aria!

Top Ten NHL Teams With the Most Stanley Cup Wins

I really like watching the NHL so I am doing this post for the team with most Stanley Cups. So those teams are:10 is Pittsburgh Penguins, 9 is Ottawa Senators, 8 is the New York Islanders, 7 is New York Rangers, 6 Edmonton Oilers, 5 is Chicago Blackhawks, 4 is Boston Bruins, 3 is Detroit Red Wings, 2 is (the worst in my opinion) Toronto Maple Leafs,mDvp2Sw.jpg 1 is (the best team too) Montreal Canadiens with 24!!!


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