Top Ten Most Common House Pets

I have 1 dog and around 40 fish, so I am blogging about pets. The top ten most common house pets in the world are: 10 is Ferrets, 9 is Iguanas, 8 is Snakes, 7 is Birds, 6 is Guinea Pigs, 5 is  Mice, 4 is Fish, 3 is Hamsters, 2 is Cats, and

images#1 is Dogs.

I love dogs the most. Comment on your favourite pet or your pet.


Top Ten Most Populated City’s in the World

I like looking at the world  population so I wanted to do this post. The top ten most populated cities in the world are: 10 is Cairo, Egypt, 9 is New York City, USA, 8 is Beijing, China, 7 is Osaka, Japan, 6 is Mumbai, India, 5 is Sao Paulo, Brazil, 4 is Mexico City, Mexico, 3 is Shanghai, China, 2 is Delhi, India, and

images#1 is Tokyo, Japan.

I have not been to any of those places but will probably go to New York since it’s only 6 hours away.


Top Ten Most Loved Buffy Characters

I really like Buffy the Vampire Slayer so I wanted to do this blog. The top ten most loved Buffy characters are: 10 is Oz, 9 is Xander, 8 is Angel, 7 is Faith, 6 is Cordelia, 5 is Anya, 4 is Giles, 3 is Willow, 2 is Buffy, and

images-3.jpg#1 is Spike

My favourite three are: 3 is Anya, 2 is Cordelia, 1 is Oz. Buffy is a good show! I suggest you watch the first episode.

Top Ten Longest Reigning English Monarchs

I love History so I will be doing this blog on history. The top ten longest reigning English monarchs are: 10 is David II, 8 is Elizabeth I, 8 is Llywelyn, 7 is William I, 6 is Edward III, 5 is Henry III, 4 is James VI, 3 is George III, 2 is Victoria, and

images-2#1 is Queen Elizabeth II for 65 years, and 45 days.

It is neat how the monarch now is the oldest to.

Top Ten Longest Rivers in the World

I have been to a few rivers and I decided to do this blog. The top ten longest rivers in the world are: 10 is Niger River, 9 is Irtysh River, 8 is Lena River, 7 is Mekong, 6 is Congo River, 5 is Paraná River, 4 is Yellow River, 3 is Yangtze River, 2 is Nile, and

images #1 is Amazon River.

From this list, I have only been to the Mekong River, or at least the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.  I live really close to the Saint Lawrence River (#26).

Top Ten Pop Songs of All Time

I really love listening to music, so I am doing top pop songs of all time. The top ten most popular pop songs of all time are: 10 is Good Vibrations (by The Beach Boys), 9 is Stayin’ Alive (by Bee Gees), 8 is Hey Jude (by The Beatles),  7 is Night Fever (by Bee Gees), 6 is Baby One More Time (by Britney Spears), 5 is Like a Prayer (by Madonna), 4 is Call me Maybe (by Carly Rae Jepsen), 3 is Bohemiam Rhapsody (by Queen), 2 is Billie Jean (by Michel Jackson), and

images-2#1 is Rolling in the Deep (by Adele).

My favourite of these is Billie Jean. Comment your favourite one.

Top Ten Boy Names in 2017

So I did write about girl names so now I am doing boys. The top ten boy names so far in 2017 are: 10 is Logan, 9 is James, 8 is Aiden, 7 is Oliver, 6 is Lucas, 5 is Elijah, 4 is Ethan, 3 is Mason, 2 is Noah, and

images-1.png#1 is Liam!

There are the top ten boy names in 2017.

Top Ten 1999 Christmas Toys for Girls Aged 8-13

I asked a few friends on what I should do for this blog and one said to do this. The top ten toys 8-13 girls in 1999 wanted for christmas are: 10 is Tamagotchi, 9 is Butterfly Clips, 8 is Koosh Ball, 7 is Disney Princess Perfume Dolls, 6 is Pocket Locker, 5 is Barbie Power Wheels Corvette, 4 is Sky Dancers, 3 is Guess Who, 2 is My Size Barbie, and

images-1#1 is Mall Madness.

Mall Madness is interesting looking.

Top Ten Most Endangered Animals in the World

I went to the zoo today and there was a talk about endangered  animals. That is why I am writing about animals. The top ten most endangered animals in the world are: 10 is African Forest Turtle, 9 is Iberian Lynx, 8 is Axolotl, 7 is Spix’s Macaw, 6 is Javan Rhino, 5 is Siamese Crocodile, 4 is Brown Spider Monkey, 3 is Mexican Wolf, 2 is Baiji (a type of dolphin) and images#1 is Northern White Rhino.

There are one or two animals that I hadn’t heard of, like the Baiji. I hope we can save these endangered animals!

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