Top Ten Most Well Known Fairy tale Characters

I am doing this post on fairy tales because I love them a lot right now. The top ten most well known fairy tale characters are: 10 is Aladdin, 9 is Alice in WonderLand, 8 is Pinocchio, 7 is Little Red Riding Hood, 6 is Peter Pan, 5 is The Princess and the Pea, 4 is Sleeping Beauty, 3 is Cinderella, 2 is Beauty and the Beast and the most well known fairy tale is…

character_disneyprincess_snowwhite_af657abaSnow White!!!!!

I like all fairy tales but if I had to pick one it would be Snow White! Comment on your fav fairy tale.


Top Ten Creepiest Dolls

My mum has the creepiest doll ever so I wanted to do this one for sure. The top ten creepiest dolls are: 10 is Twilight Dolls, 9 is Gothic Horror Dolls, 8 is Norman and Marion, 7 is Feed me Doll, 6 is Premature Baby, 5 is Michonne Barbie Doll, 4 is Cecilia, 3 is Little Miss no Name, 2 is Mattel Saucy Doll (the one my mum has), andimages-1#1 is Marybel

So if you search creepy dolls you can get freaked out, also search Mattel doll arm spining and find the Mattel doll doing its creepy thing.

Top Ten Monty Python Skits

I love Monty Python very much.  I watch Flying Circus and Holy Grail sometimes. The top ten Monty Python skits are: 10 is Nudge Nudge, 9 is Four Yorkshiremen, 8 is The Argument Clinic,  7 is The 127th Upperclass Twit of the Year Show, 6 is The Restuarant Sketch, 5 is The Piranha Brothers, 4 is Hell’s Grannies, 3 is Lumberjack, 2 is The Killer Joke, and

images-2.jpg#1 is Dead Parrot.

I love Dead Parrot, Hell’s Grannies and The Killer Joke. Actually, I love all of them. My suggestion is that you watch Confuse a Cat. What is your favourite skit?

Top Ten Most Watched T.V. Shows in the 90s

I’m watching a few old T.V. shows, so I wanted to do a post on old T.V. shows. The top ten most watched T.V. shows in the 90s are: 10 is Law & Order, 9 is Star Trek: Voyager, 8 is The Sopranos,  7 is That 70s Show, 6 is Family Guy, 5 is Midsomer Murders, 4 is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, 3 is Law & Order: Special Victim Unit, 2 is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and

images-1.jpg #1 is Friends.

My favourite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What is your favourite show?

Top Ten Most Common Allergies for Adults

I wondered, “What are the most common allergies?” so I wanted to do this post. The top ten most common allergies are: 10 is Wheat, 9 is Milk, 8 is Insect Bites, 7 is Soy, 6 is Dust Mites, 5 is Eggs, 4 is Pet Hair, 3 is Shellfish, 2 is Pollen, and

images#1 is Peanuts.

I had no clue that people where allergic to insect bites. Comment if you’re allergic to something on this list.


Top Ten Healthiest Foods

I eat healthy food most of the time, and some of the foods are interesting. The top ten healthiest foods are: 10 is Beans, 9 is Spinach, 8 is Garlic, 7 is Avacados, 6 is Walnuts, 5 is Salmon, 4 is Potatoes, 3 is Dark Chocolate, 2 is Broccoli, and

images-3.jpg#1 is Lemons.

I suggest you do not go eat a lemon on its own now … unless you have scurvy.

Top Ten Recognizable D.C. Figures

I enjoy reading comics and drawing D.C. heros, so this post seems like a good idea. The top ten recognizable D.C. figures are: 10 is Green Arrow, 9 is Lex Luthor, 8 is Catwoman, 7 is Green Lantern, 6 is The Flash, 5 is Wonder Woman, 4 is Robin, 3 is The Joker, 2 is Batman, and

images-2#1 is Superman.

Out of these ten, my favourite is The Flash. Who’s your favourite hero or villian?

Top Ten Most Well Known Greek Gods

I love history and mythology so this list seems great for a post. The top ten most well known greek gods are: 10 is Apollo, 9 is Athena, 8 is Aphrodite, 7 is Hephaestus, 6 is Hermes, 5 is Ares, 4 is Demeter, 3 is Poseidon, 2 is Hera, and

images-1.jpg#1 is Zeus!

I really like Artemis the goddess of hunt and Iris the goddess of rainbows. Comment on your favourite God or Goddess.

Top Ten Most Celebrated Holidays

I love holidays so much, so I making this post. The top ten most celebrated holidays around the world are: 10 is Valentines Day, 9 is Ramadan/Eid, 8 is Easter, 7 is Chinese New Year, 6 is Saint Patricks Day, 5 Halloween, 4 is Oktoberfest, 3 is Diwali, 2 is New Years Eve, and

images.jpg#1 is Christmas!

I think #1 should my B-Day but nobody but me likes it. Have a fun Easter and some happy new candy!

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