Top Ten Most Common Allergies for Adults

I wondered, “What are the most common allergies?” so I wanted to do this post. The top ten most common allergies are: 10 is Wheat, 9 is Milk, 8 is Insect Bites, 7 is Soy, 6 is Dust Mites, 5 is Eggs, 4 is Pet Hair, 3 is Shellfish, 2 is Pollen, and

images#1 is Peanuts.

I had no clue that people where allergic to insect bites. Comment if you’re allergic to something on this list.



Top Ten Healthiest Foods

I eat healthy food most of the time, and some of the foods are interesting. The top ten healthiest foods are: 10 is Beans, 9 is Spinach, 8 is Garlic, 7 is Avacados, 6 is Walnuts, 5 is Salmon, 4 is Potatoes, 3 is Dark Chocolate, 2 is Broccoli, and

images-3.jpg#1 is Lemons.

I suggest you do not go eat a lemon on its own now … unless you have scurvy.

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