Top Ten Most Well Known Greek Gods

I love history and mythology so this list seems great for a post. The top ten most well known greek gods are: 10 is Apollo, 9 is Athena, 8 is Aphrodite, 7 is Hephaestus, 6 is Hermes, 5 is Ares, 4 is Demeter, 3 is Poseidon, 2 is Hera, and

images-1.jpg#1 is Zeus!

I really like Artemis the goddess of hunt and Iris the goddess of rainbows. Comment on your favourite God or Goddess.

Top Ten Longest Reigning English Monarchs

I love History so I will be doing this blog on history. The top ten longest reigning English monarchs are: 10 is David II, 8 is Elizabeth I, 8 is Llywelyn, 7 is William I, 6 is Edward III, 5 is Henry III, 4 is James VI, 3 is George III, 2 is Victoria, and

images-2#1 is Queen Elizabeth II for 65 years, and 45 days.

It is neat how the monarch now is the oldest to.

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