Top Ten Most Populated City’s in the World

I like looking at the world  population so I wanted to do this post. The top ten most populated cities in the world are: 10 is Cairo, Egypt, 9 is New York City, USA, 8 is Beijing, China, 7 is Osaka, Japan, 6 is Mumbai, India, 5 is Sao Paulo, Brazil, 4 is Mexico City, Mexico, 3 is Shanghai, China, 2 is Delhi, India, and

images#1 is Tokyo, Japan.

I have not been to any of those places but will probably go to New York since it’s only 6 hours away.



Top Ten Longest Rivers in the World

I have been to a few rivers and I decided to do this blog. The top ten longest rivers in the world are: 10 is Niger River, 9 is Irtysh River, 8 is Lena River, 7 is Mekong, 6 is Congo River, 5 is Paraná River, 4 is Yellow River, 3 is Yangtze River, 2 is Nile, and

images #1 is Amazon River.

From this list, I have only been to the Mekong River, or at least the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.  I live really close to the Saint Lawrence River (#26).

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