Top Ten Pop Songs of All Time

I really love listening to music, so I am doing top pop songs of all time. The top ten most popular pop songs of all time are: 10 is Good Vibrations (by The Beach Boys), 9 is Stayin’ Alive (by Bee Gees), 8 is Hey Jude (by The Beatles),  7 is Night Fever (by Bee Gees), 6 is Baby One More Time (by Britney Spears), 5 is Like a Prayer (by Madonna), 4 is Call me Maybe (by Carly Rae Jepsen), 3 is Bohemiam Rhapsody (by Queen), 2 is Billie Jean (by Michel Jackson), and

images-2#1 is Rolling in the Deep (by Adele).

My favourite of these is Billie Jean. Comment your favourite one.


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