Top Ten Boy Names in 2017

So I did write about girl names so now I am doing boys. The top ten boy names so far in 2017 are: 10 is Logan, 9 is James, 8 is Aiden, 7 is Oliver, 6 is Lucas, 5 is Elijah, 4 is Ethan, 3 is Mason, 2 is Noah, and

images-1.png#1 is Liam!

There are the top ten boy names in 2017.


Top Ten Girl Names in 2017

I  am a girl so I was interested in which girl names were popular for babies now.  Some of the names in the top ten are different than the names of my friends. The top ten most used names for baby girls in 2017 are: 10 is Charlotte, 9 is Zoe, 8 is Aria, 7 is Riley, 6 is Isabella, 5 is Mia, 4 is Ava, 3 is Olivia, 2 is Emma and

Sophia # 1 is Sophia!

Those are some nice names. My favourite is Aria!

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