Top Ten Most Played Sports in Canada

I really like watching and playing sports so this is why I’m doing this list. The top ten most played sports in Canada are: 10 is Golf, 9 is Tennis, 8 is Curling, 7 is Cricket, 6 is Baseball, 5 is Lacrosse, 4 is Football, 3 is Soccer, 2 is Basketball and

images #1 is Hockey

I really enjoy watching hockey and I enjoy playing basketball.


Top Ten NHL Teams With the Most Stanley Cup Wins

I really like watching the NHL so I am doing this post for the team with most Stanley Cups. So those teams are:10 is Pittsburgh Penguins, 9 is Ottawa Senators, 8 is the New York Islanders, 7 is New York Rangers, 6 Edmonton Oilers, 5 is Chicago Blackhawks, 4 is Boston Bruins, 3 is Detroit Red Wings, 2 is (the worst in my opinion) Toronto Maple Leafs,mDvp2Sw.jpg 1 is (the best team too) Montreal Canadiens with 24!!!


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