Top Ten Monty Python Skits

I love Monty Python very much.  I watch Flying Circus and Holy Grail sometimes. The top ten Monty Python skits are: 10 is Nudge Nudge, 9 is Four Yorkshiremen, 8 is The Argument Clinic,  7 is The 127th Upperclass Twit of the Year Show, 6 is The Restuarant Sketch, 5 is The Piranha Brothers, 4 is Hell’s Grannies, 3 is Lumberjack, 2 is The Killer Joke, and

images-2.jpg#1 is Dead Parrot.

I love Dead Parrot, Hell’s Grannies and The Killer Joke. Actually, I love all of them. My suggestion is that you watch Confuse a Cat. What is your favourite skit?


Top Ten Most Watched T.V. Shows in the 90s

I’m watching a few old T.V. shows, so I wanted to do a post on old T.V. shows. The top ten most watched T.V. shows in the 90s are: 10 is Law & Order, 9 is Star Trek: Voyager, 8 is The Sopranos,  7 is That 70s Show, 6 is Family Guy, 5 is Midsomer Murders, 4 is Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, 3 is Law & Order: Special Victim Unit, 2 is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and

images-1.jpg #1 is Friends.

My favourite show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What is your favourite show?

Top Ten Most Loved Buffy Characters

I really like Buffy the Vampire Slayer so I wanted to do this blog. The top ten most loved Buffy characters are: 10 is Oz, 9 is Xander, 8 is Angel, 7 is Faith, 6 is Cordelia, 5 is Anya, 4 is Giles, 3 is Willow, 2 is Buffy, and

images-3.jpg#1 is Spike

My favourite three are: 3 is Anya, 2 is Cordelia, 1 is Oz. Buffy is a good show! I suggest you watch the first episode.

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