Top Ten Creepiest Dolls

My mum has the creepiest doll ever so I wanted to do this one for sure. The top ten creepiest dolls are: 10 is Twilight Dolls, 9 is Gothic Horror Dolls, 8 is Norman and Marion, 7 is Feed me Doll, 6 is Premature Baby, 5 is Michonne Barbie Doll, 4 is Cecilia, 3 is Little Miss no Name, 2 is Mattel Saucy Doll (the one my mum has), andimages-1#1 is Marybel

So if you search creepy dolls you can get freaked out, also search Mattel doll arm spining and find the Mattel doll doing its creepy thing.


Top Ten 1999 Christmas Toys for Girls Aged 8-13

I asked a few friends on what I should do for this blog and one said to do this. The top ten toys 8-13 girls in 1999 wanted for christmas are: 10 is Tamagotchi, 9 is Butterfly Clips, 8 is Koosh Ball, 7 is Disney Princess Perfume Dolls, 6 is Pocket Locker, 5 is Barbie Power Wheels Corvette, 4 is Sky Dancers, 3 is Guess Who, 2 is My Size Barbie, and

images-1#1 is Mall Madness.

Mall Madness is interesting looking.

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